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More than 50 years of history and legacy in poultry farming

Grupo Alvorada is recognized in the poultry market for its excellence in production and commercialization of hatching eggs and day-old chicks and also for its ethics and transparency in all relations.

Since its foundation, the company has continuously invested in technology and infrastructure, always seeking to improve production techniques to ensure the quality standard of its products.

In all procedures, biosecurity is an essential factor for guaranteeing the animal health status of the parent stock, which allows us to produce eggs and chicks without the use of antibiotics.

In addition, Grupo Alvorada considers people management indispensable in the corporate environment to the valorization of its employees, constantly developing initiatives that help to maximize their skills.

It is five decades of commitment and respect for people, aiming at value creation for all and mutual growth. Every dawn, we are always looking ahead to offer the best product and meet the expectations of the customers and business partners.


“To produce hatching eggs and day-old chicks with an absolute focus on animal health status and animal welfare, and to provide our customers with the highest quality products for meat production.”


“To be a reference in the domestic and foreign markets for the production of hatching eggs and day-old chicks, with a focus on animal health and quality.”


• Biosecurity
• Ethics and Transparency
• Continuous Improvement
• Animal Welfare
• Human Appreciation
• Commitment
• Customer Satisfaction
• Social Responsability
• Sustainability

  With 100% owned units, we have full control over the entire production process, thus allowing greater health control and standardization of the creation processes.


  Our product is exported to many countries around the world.
  Biosecurity and animal health guarantee to Grupo Alvorada the supply of quality hatching eggs to the international  market.

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